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From digest.v6.n805 Mon Jun 23 20:32:47 1997
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 20:32:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: bmw-digest V6 #781

I did the conversion on my 86 635csi. I bought the parts through rod sidney in the roundel. 399.00 for the compressor 40.00 for the drier. The kit included all brackets fittings O rings the oil was in the compressor. I would also suggest replacing all hoses. Take your old hoses with the proper end fittings to any hose repair shop they can build new ones for you at much less than OEM parts. look in the phone book under hoses. Parts replacement is very streight forward. be sure to use only 134r oil when installing new O rings. Oil can be purchased at any napa or major parts house. Any good repair shop can charge the system, or with your parts do the whole job. If you do the install yourself before you open the new drier tank make sure you have all of the hoses and fittings ready and installed. Open and install the drier tank last it should be opened to the air for as short a time as possible. My system is working well. Its not cheep but if you must replace the compressor use the new type. if your system just needs a recharge i would suggest since R 12 is spendy about 50.00 a pound. Replace all hoses as above use all new O rings they have them also at the hose store. if the system has been open for any period of time you must also use a new dryer. Hope this info helps good luck.

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