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From digest.v5.n562 Fri Nov 15 03:12:06 1996
From: (Peter Shieh)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 19:06:31 -0800
Subject: Nokia cell phone car kit installed. Thanks!

Thank Mark and Gregg and others great people. The Nokia 232 CARK-14 car kit was finally installed on my E36 and the result was very good. I asked local GTE shop (Mountain view, CA) to help me on this.

I purchased a CARK-14 compact car kit from Power Inc. through their web page for $139. The unit fits right under and in front of the armrest. I removed the coin and cup holder (not a heavy coffee drinker anyway) and just drop in the based unit (with speaker phone and phone holder) on to the console. I didn't even need to drill a hole. GTE installed the antenna, running the cable under the back seat and the carpet into the console. The Microphone was installed on A pillar with wire running under the the door, under the dask and into the console again.

Not a single hole was drilled. You can talk through the phone even in back seat (just like your home speaker phone).

Highly recommended for anyone who uses a cellular phone. Not only the quality of these kits are quite good but also a lot safer to make phone calls when you are driving.

Total cost:

phone $99 (with discount from GTE subscription), can be less

CARK-14 $139
GTE installation $30 (Mark in Mountain View GTE shop was too nice) digest-help free!

Thanks guys.

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