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From digest.v5.n92 Fri Aug 9 12:24:11 1996
From: Rodd Sidney <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 09:50:34 -0700
Subject: A/C Problems R12 R134 ?????

Henry wrote:

>Today when I was driving my 1985 535i one of the lower a/c hoses ruptured. I
>immediately shut off the a/c. What needs to be replaced if anything besides the
>hose?(and the recharge) I am afraid that when I tell this story to the shop

>are going to tell me to replace everything. I really need to buy time until I
>can afford to switch to an "earth friendly" system (info on this would also be
>Thank You in Advance,
>Henry Simpson
>Monterey, California

It would appear that the hose simply "Let Go" and you were wise to shut-down the compressor. It will also be prudent to repair ASAP as MOISTURE is the AC systems WORST enemy. That's why there is a "DIER" in the system that absorbs minuute amounts of moisture from the system. You can well imagine how much moisture you've got in your part of the country.The Hose will cost you approx $80-110 dep on which one quit. As far as switching systems to R134 refrigerant, now would be the ideal time to do so.If you still have the "original" compressor it's probably on its last leg (We're selling many this summer) There was an article in the July Roundel BMWCCA magazine RE: Compressor changeover to R134. It involves replacing the outdated Bosch-Behr wingcell compressor with a advanced design Japanese ( Oh I know the purists will HOWL over this one !! A Jap compressor in a BIMMER! E-Gads Gavoltz) Well unless you've got a REAL FAT Wallet FORGET the German Compressor & swallow your pride. The net result is a Kool car w/o hassles and a Bullet-Proof Compressor for 1/2 the $$$$$.

Bottomline: We have the retrofit conversion kits for all BMW's to replace blown or worn-out compressors. R12 kits (it cools better than R134) from $325, and the kits for the New R134 Refrigerant from $475 (includes R134 drier& expansion valve)The kits contain a NEW Compressor, Mount & Drive Kit & Hose fittings to hook up. We've sold over 100 kits so far this summer. They flat WORK. The Diy'ers have had no trouble putting the parts in. We do, however, reccomend you have an AC professional do the evacuating & recharging of the system. Do'nt forget to ASK them to SAVE & recycle the refrigerant they take OUT of your system. This is now EXPENSIVE stuff. Some shops will try to steal your old stuff. Keep-em honest by mentioning in advance. This tip can save you $25-50 in Freon charges.

Anyone not getting Roundel BMWCCA magazine E-mail me & I'll fax you a copy of the article. & BTW anyone not belonging to BMWCCA wanting to join ($35 yr Bargain of a LIFETIME) E-Mail me & I'll send you an application.

Rodd Sidney BMWCCA #79662

Rodd Sidney                BMW Dealer Marketing Web Page
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