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From digest.v7.n352 Tue Sep 30 00:09:43 1997
From: Lee Sweet <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 22:39:15 -0400
Subject: <MISC> Windshield cleaning...

I'm about to take delivery of a new 528, so excuse this if it's a stupid question, but.... the FAQ has this excerpt about ways to 'clean' the windshield to make visibility through rain much higher (and obviate the need of Rain-X).

Question: Does this *really* mean to use powered (scratching?!) Bon Ami or the like on the windshield? I mean, 'fiberglass safe cleaner' to me could mean the Formula 409 kind of thing, and I sure don't want to wreck a new windshield!

5) Use BON AMI or any other FIBERGLASS SAFE kitchen counter cleaner. Also make sure you dont spill it all over your paint. GM sells a "windshield" cleaner that is a relabeled "BON AMI".

6) After a thorough cleaning with BON AMI and a good rince your windshiled will be invisible. rain performance will be better that RAIN-X. Follow up with weekly washings and your windshield will not need a Bon Ami treatment for the next 2-5 years.

When I drive in the rain I almost dont need wipers, and my friends think I have some exotic hydrophobic glass. Highly recommended. (end quote)

Lee Sweet 1997 528i
Northern Virginia, USA
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