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From digest.v7.n1103 Mon Feb 9 22:35:51 1998
From: Erick Baumeister <>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 15:48:23 -0800
Subject: <re>E28,E24,E21,E30 window gasket trim installation

A one beer job(maybe two if it's Rolling Rock:->) I also bought the "tool" and wound up not using it for removal/installation of the trim, I found a small screwdriver, a popsicle stick(well,OK, I used a hard plastic spatula-like tool designed to install windshield gaskets,which BTW, is not difficult on these cars either. Anyways, either tool will work) and a can of silicone spray were all I needed to replace the trim. I bought the trim from the local BMW parts discounter(Double 02 Salvage,Hayward,CA) for about $30 for the side and upper pieces.

  1. Disconnect negative lead from battery. ;->
  2. Carefully pry the corner pieces out with the small screwdriver, being careful not to bend them if you want to reuse them. You also want to be careful not to tear the gasket where it holds the corners in.
  3. Using screwdriver again, pry up one end of the cord-like trim,and pull straight up and out. Note which side of the trim is grooved and which is straight and align new trim accordingly.
  4. Spray silicone spray in and on sides of trim channel, then working from one end press the new trim into the channel. If the side of the gasket is not allowing the trim piece to seat, use the popsicle stick as a guide to hold the channel open while you press the trim in. Use the small screwdriver to lift parts of the gaskets that are pinched under the trim.
  5. Reinstall corner pieces, once again being careful not to cut the gasket. 5)Wipe excess silicone off car, enjoy beer while admiring new chrome. 6)Make mental note that it'll only last a year or two. If you haven't done this before, I suggest doing the back window first, which is all straight pieces, taking a beer break,then tackling the windshield which has the corners to deal with.

Erick Baumeister,Raging Baboon
'88 535iAla Dinan 123,000 miles,traced no-start Friday night to a faltering alternator,not the 4hp22-EH shift fault(which wasn't a fault,idiot me read the idiot light wrong) Livermore,CA BMWCCA 131280

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