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From Mon Aug 5 16:11:08 1996
Subject: Re: water spots
To: (Bill Green)

Hi Bill,
These aren't normal water spots, this is mineral deposit from hell. I should have been more specific in my posting.

For normal water spots, I just wipe the car dry after washing with a 100% cotten towel.

I talked to a local detail shop, they said Meguires #9.

I'll try it tonight and post the results to the list and cc you.


> Hello Dale,
> I don't have an answer for you, but I am asking a favor. I will be out =
> of town a lot in the next few weeks and may not catch the answer to your =
> question. May I impose on you to let me know what you find out?
> Thanks.
> Bill Green

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From Mon Aug 5 16:32:07 1996
From: (Darold Wilson)
Subject: Waterspot Removal

Hi Dale,

I believe you will find at least a range of possible answers to your questions in the TIps and Techniques section of my web site ( If you want to contact me after you have had the chance to review the information, you can either call of email me.

The Liqui-Tech Pre Cleaner will normally handle waterspots, but you may need to use a mild compound. You will see the comparable wet sand paper grit number in the product descriptions for Pre Cleaning Paint.

Darold Wilson

From Mon Aug 5 22:59:18 1996
From: Jim Bassett <>
Subject: <misc> baked on water spots!

I've got a similar problem, and my spots have been sitting for about three weeks now (don't ask :-)). Anyway, I was talking to the owner of a body shop in San Jose and he reccomended putting vinegar in the wash water. Interesting, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. If that, or regular washing, doesn't work I'll be trying 3Ms Hand Glaze (my current glaze product). Beyond that, hmmm, maybe prof. detailing?

Sorry if that wasn't much help. Maybe some of the more learned members will have a better answer.

Cheers (& good luck),

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