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From digest.v7.n917 Sat Jan 10 05:59:13 1998
From: Michael Hill <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 00:21:30 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Synthetics in new cars

<Dinan tells me not to use synthetic motor oil until the car has at

     least 20k miles on it.  They say that regular oil facilitates a better
     break-in.  Is this true?  What are the advantages of synthetic oil
     besides a wider operating temperature range if you change your oil 
     every 3-4k anyway?>
        I have great respect for Dinan's knowledge of BMWs.  However, this 
     little bit of advice about waiting 20,000 miles before using synthetic 
     oil is total BULLSHIT!!  Somehow this got embedded in everyone's mind 
     (including mine) from the old 'Lubrilon' days in the '70's.  
        I don't have anything to do with making motor oil (I make gasoline) 
     nor do I have any great knowledge of motor oil properties.  BUT, I 
     have spoken at length with someone (I can't be more specific for silly 
     legal reasons) who may know as much as anyone.  He made it very clear 
     that you can (and should) use synthetic from the first fire of the 
     engine.  When I bought a new Ford Expedition for my wife last year, I 
     drove it straight home from the dealership and did an oil change.  It 
     has had nothing but synthetic ever since (22,000 miles). 

I agree, more and more manufacturers of high performance cars are putting synthetics in there motors at the factory. My Porsche 993tt came from the factory with Mobil 1 and I know the new vetts do also. The service rep at the dealer argued this very point with me when I took my M3 in for the 7500 mile service and requested synthetic oil. It may take the rings a little longer to seat but synthetics should contribute to the overall longevity of the motor considerably. Regards, Mike

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