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From Fri Apr 24 21:28:07 1998
From: Ron Stygar <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 00:14:34 EDT
Subject: <All> Service Information Bulletin 11 02 92 (3491) dated 2/92: Engine Oils

Someone was kind enough to send me the following. Use it as a point of information. FLY BMW

   Group 11     11 02 92 (3491)   Woodcliff Lake, NJ      February 1992
        Engine                               Product Engineering

SUBJECT: Engine Oils


Information: The use of a high quality engine oil is extremely

                 important for the operation and service life of an 

                 Engine Oil Specifications

                 BMW recommends the use of all engine oils that meet      
                 or exceed the American Petroleum Institute (API)         
                 classifications of SG or the European CCMC 
                 classification of G4.  Such oils may either be 
                 mineral or synthetic-based engine oils.  (Combination 
                 with diesel oil specifications CD or CE quality 
                 classifications are also permitted, e.g., SG/CE, etc.)
                 Note:  During the break-in period of a new engine or 
                 components of a rebuilt engine, i.e., new bearings, 
                 crankshaft, pistons, etc., only a single or multiple 
                 grade mineral-based engine oil should be used since a 
                 synthetic-based oil has friction reducing properties 
                 which will influence the break-in behavior of an 

                 Since synthetic oils often possess improved 
                 lubricating properties, they tend to prolong the 
                 break-in period of an engine and consequently may 
                 lead to increase oil consumption during the break-in 

                 Therefore, it is not recommended to use a synthetic-
                 based oil for the initial filling of a new or 
                 exchange engine.  A synthetic-based oil may be used 
                 when changing the oil for the first time in 
                 accordance with the prescribed oil change intervals.  
                 Generally, there is no problem mixing mineral-based  
                 and synthetic engine oils with the same viscosity.

                 Oil Change Intervals

                 Under no circumstances should the oil change 
                 intervals be extended due to the greater durability 
                 of a fully synthetic engine oil.  The engine oil and 
                 filter should always be changed as per the vehicle's 
                 Service Indicator when the "Oil Service" or 
                 "Inspection" display appears.  Under severe driving 
               conditions, it is recommended to increase the 
               number of oil services.

               Oil Viscosity

               For the correct engine oil SAE viscosity/grade 
               selection the BMW Temperature Viscosity Table
               should be used which is located in Group 11 of the 
               BMW Operating Fluids Manual and also in all BMW 
               vehicle Owner's Manuals.

               Engine Oil Additives

               The use of engine oil additives is not recommended             
               and not necessary on BMW engines.  Instead, It is 
               recommended to use one of today's highly advanced 
               brand name lubricating oils conforming to either 
               API classifications SG (or higher) or CCMC 
               classification G4 (or higher).
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