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From digest.v7.n558 Sat Nov 8 19:16:19 1997
From: Jim Cash < at>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 14:07:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Service Lights

Philip Graham writes:

> I have a new BMW 328i with about 3200 miles on it. I got it new with 8
> miles.
> It gets nearly 100 percent highway miles. But I am concerned that none
> of the green lights have gone out yet.
> Any thoughts on this?
> Phil


I am not sure how the 328i SI calculates the data to extinguish the green SI lights, but, if it is the same as third generation (SIA III) the current E38 (7 Series) & E39 (5 Series), then the oil change interval is based on the use of 1500 litres of fuel.

This is measured by the engine computer as it spits out fuel through the injectors. The data is transferred to the SI unit where the tally is kept. This is quite accurate.

Each time 20% of that volume is consumed (300 litres) a green indicator is turned off (from left to right)
When you have consumed 1500 Liters all green lights are off and the yellow one comes on.
The red one comes on if you use another 120 litres without an oil service.

At an average consumption for highway of 8 - 10 L/100km, the first lamp should go out somewhere between 2200 & 3000 kms, or probably about 1600 miles.

Unless you are getting "really" good milage it looks like your SI is a bit late.

Since the car is new I would check with the service manager at the dealer.

Personally, I change my oil more frequently (usually after 2-3 lights out) and especially for the first few changes.

Hope that helps


Jim Cash
London, Ontario, Canada
BMW CCA 102929
E39 540ia

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