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From digest.v7.n1019 Mon Jan 26 10:22:31 1998
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 06:23:36 -0500
Subject: RE: E30 plug wires

>I am in the market for new plug wires for my '87 325is. I have
>been researching different options <snip> about ten different
>"performance" plug wire sets on the market <snip> Does
>anyone have any experience with any of these aftermarket
>plug wires? Are there any quality benefits to any of these?
>Let me hear your experiences as I do not want to waste
>my $$$ on junk.

OK, then stay away from Jacobs. I got a set from them, sounds like they make them up 1 at a time. First set had wrong lengths and the wrong ends on them. They sent me another set that had the correct ends for the spark plugs (even though they were held on with silicon glue) and cheap little caps on the distributor cap end that wouldn't fit on the cap. They sent me new clips for the cap end, I had to put them on myself and re-use the caps from my old set.

It is not held in place very well and I am going to throw this crap away as soon as I can find a decent set somewhere else. (Please let me know what you come up with)

So the bottom line is that I ended up making my own set!! I had to tear down theirs and re-use old parts!!!!

I added their high-performance ignition coil/module at the same time (also about to be removed)

Results? No noticable improvement at idle or in mileage, emissions or accel (as tested with G-Tech meter and local emissions testing).

As always, YMMV

Craig Lovold
'85 Dinan 525i (with '87 325iS engine that is about to lose the Jacobs crap)
'57 Isetta 300 (1 spark plug wire total)

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