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From digest.v7.n521 Fri Oct 31 18:43:47 1997
From: "Kevin Kiely, SAM, CSMSJ" <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:30:00 -0800
Subject: RE: bmw-digest V7 #514

bmw-digest Thursday, 30 October 1997 Volume 07 : Number 514

        From: Land Shark <lndshrk_at_

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> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 22:44:30 -0700 Subject: Other chips versus JC... You know.. I wasn't even going to reply to this.. But I'm going to.. When someone comes along, telling you they have a new wiz-bang chip, ask them exactly how they get their info.. there are 3 ways.. 1) It gets handed to you.. That's nice, but even the COMPLETE multi-hundred page Bosch manuals which show all the tables *they* want you to see do not tell the whole story of a Motronic units' operation 2) They searched for "MAPS" and such.. well, this is how most people do it and it works to a point.. 3) They disassembled the code, reverse engineered the algorithms and ONCE they found out WHAT to change they then changed it... and only ONE of those ways is the correct way to do it! Jim C. Go Jim .....go.
        From: "Josh & Chelsi" <eurosprt_at_

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> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 00:02:35 -0700 Subject: JC chip vs superchips The first question you should be asking: Is there anybody more brilliant and more connected with the electronics&mechanical inner workings of bosch/BMW engine management systems than Jim Conforti. I have to admit I am a friend of Jim's and am somewhat subjective (and in awe!) when it comes to my interpretation of his abilities as a chip design genius. However, I was at the O-West festival (as a chip vendor) a couple of weekends ago and had the opportunity to talk to a XXXan representative (I don't want to name big names). When I asked him what he thought about the Turner Motorsport/Jim Conforti larger HFM and Euro airbox (this is a modification which opens up the intake to 3 1/2" vs. stock 3" and trades the restrictive us airfilter box with the larger euro m3 box complete with a recalibrated chip for the ecu) the XXXan rep told me that they hadn't noticed any significant horsepower gains on the dynomometer. It was sort of a trick question on my part, in that I already knew that XXXan had belatedly designed a similar modification. So, hence the followup to the setup. I then asked "but aren't you (mr. XXXan rep) in the process of marketing a virtually identical larger HFM & Euro airfilterbox (in spite of the fact that he had just told me of how there was virtually nothing to gain from this modification)" to which he reluctantly replied "yes we are". After XXXan's ironic if not contradictory reply I added "drive an M3 with this mod and then tell me it doesn't do anything (ha, ha, ha,)". This is a classic example of the so-called guru's learning (if not cheap stealing) from Jim Conforti's brilliant designs. Another thing I learned in talking with XXXan rep was that they didnt know everything about the BMW electronic control unit. This is where Jim C is definitely different. In Jim's living room is printed circiut board that once resided as the ecu motherboard for BMW car --- the circuit board is devoid of all it's componentry. Jim removed/desoldered every single control chip and traced every inch of the computers circuitry before engineering chips on the dyno (he leaves no stone left unturned). This is why Jim's performance designs i.e. forced induction etc, doesn't need prosthetic electronic circuitry. Unlike the big names out there Jim thrives on the complexity and artistry of the BMW electronics. Finally, I would consider somebody like mass chip marketer Superchips only after an apocalyptic type complete and utter destruction of Bonneville Motor Werks (Jim Conforti's company and all of his affiliated retailers). They just don't have the knowlege that Jim has... there brains aren't big enough. Fastest stock but chiped E30 M3 ever is a Conforti chiped M3 (independantly tested against the biggest names at HMS motorsport). Fastest BMW's are Jim C BMW's period.. don't waste your time or money. ------------------------------ End of bmw-digest V7 #514 *************************
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