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From digest.v6.n331 Fri Mar 7 17:58:30 1997
From: Don Eilenberger <>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 13:52:50 -0500
Subject: RE: Miscellaneous Z3 Questions (Oil, what's this thing on my exhaust pipe?, and dead pedal cracking)

Rick asks lots of Z3 questions, one of which I'll try answering:

>Subject: Miscellaneous Z3 Questions (Oil, what's this thing on my exhaust
pipe?, and dead pedal cracking)

>This past Saturday, I had Franz's oil changed and then washed him.
>I've noticed that the owners manual calls for either 15W40 or 15W30
>depending upon temperature. I've never heard of these weights, nor seen
>them. Is this a typo in the manual, or are these real oil viscosities
>(maybe only available in a synthetic)? What oil SHOULD I be using for daily
>driving? I used 10W40 for now.

If you live somewhere where there is a PepBoy's chain store.. go to the oirl department and look for Castrol GXR - which is a 15-40 fleet, diesel rated oil. Cost is the same as GTX (usually) and it is an even better oirl. (I just like to spell it that way!)..

Every - yes - EVERY rating on it is one rating higher than GTX.. (and every other quality oirl I looked at). A mechanic friend recommended it to me a long time ago - he buys it in bulk (300 gallons at a time) for use in Ferrari's, Mercedes V8's with the single row timing chain, and BMW's where people know to ask for it. He pays more for it in bulk than it costs at PepBoys when on sale.

At this point - whenever P-B's has a sale on GTX, I march in and buy a case of GXR (same price) - and it is currently used in my Bimmer and both my Beemers. My mechanic claims he has never seen any oirl related engine damage on engines using it..

Good stuff - and a good price.

Large Bobbitting..

>Just trying to keep on top of maintenance.
>Rick DeNatale
>1996 Z3 Dark Green with Beige Leather (Franz)



Don Eilenberger, Spring Lk Hts, NJ
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