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From digest.v6.n868 Thu Jul 10 17:47:39 1997
From: "Steve D'Gerolamo" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 07:29:41 -0400
Subject: Antifreeze

>The local stealer wants $13.50/gallon for BMW antifreeze - I'm leaning
>>toward Prestone's phosphate-free extended service antifreeze - any
>>comments? Any sources for BMW antifreeze at a reasonable price?
>Hello folks, what's important here is getting a phosphate free anti-freeze.
>Phosphates eat our engines & radiators.
>If you want to get a excellent coolant that has no phosphates, designed
>specifically for alluminum engines, go to Pep Boys, Kragan, etc. and get
>Havoline's brand new extended-life antifreeze. It will say right on the jug
>'NO PHOSPHATES'. This is the one you want. It's NOT the standard Havoline
>coolant. So WATCH and READ. About $6 a gallon.

Randy's right on this one. I was at a local dealer (Park Ave BMW in Maywood, NJ) last week to pick up a stock order and some antifreeze. The parts department (this is a BMW only dealership) stocks plenty of the Texaco (phosphate free) product and only of few gallons of the more expensive BMW labelled product. Apparently they are using the Texaco antifreeze on all of their service vehicles (with BMW's blessings). SD Steve D'Gerolamo c/o The Ultimate Garage, Emerson, NJ Tel 201-262-0412 Email.... Web Site....
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