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From digest.v6.n808 Tue Jun 24 13:46:23 1997
From: "Lin, Gary" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 12:40:50 -0400
Subject: Nology experience

Since it appears that a Nology thread has started, here's a post from the Porsche digest reprinted with permission as an insight for those unfamiliar with Nology, as I am. I have no interest in using or selling them.

Gary Lin

From: Jim Richmond <> Subject: Nology?

Nology appears to be a takeoff of the word knowledge. Maybe in concept but
not in manufacturing.

If you spend a fair chunk of change (ok, $120) for a set of state of the art spark plug wires, it would seem reasonable to expect a degree of quality control. When we installed or attempted to install the new set of
Nology plug wires on my 951 2.9 stroker, two of the wires would not snap onto the plugs. The offending wires were removed from the engine and we attempted to snap them on to loose plugs. Once again, they would not snap
on. A measurement with calipers showed the connectors were set too deep in
the holders. To get the plugs to snap in, we had to remove the Behr rubber
boots which pulled right off because they were just stuck on with silicone seal.

A call to the Nology factory was met with the comment that we were not installing the wires correctly. If I was doing the installation maybe, but my engine builder, no way. My next call to Nology puts me in contact
with one of the owners who indicates if I bring the wires by, they would fix them. I figure now I am on the right track, the head honcho would have
the problem solved in no time. I take the wires and my 951 head to Nology
and the honcho I talked to is not in.

I should of suspected something when I was turned over to an assistant who
did not have a German accent. However, he nodded knowingly when I showed
him how the wires would not snap on a plug much less snap on a plug in the
head. He took the wires and promised a speedy rework. The next day I receive a call from the assistant. He asks for a measurement of the OEM plug wire. A call to my builder is met with "Don't those people have manufacturing specifications? The measurement of the top portion of any plug is the same," and "Building plug wires is not rocket science." He does however talk to the assistant and gives him the requested information.

The reworked plug wires arrive after a week of phone calls but still do not
snap on correctly. However, Nology is improving, this time only one wire
is bad. The not-so-able-bodied assistant insists that the reworked wires
went through QC before they were shipped. I indicate that I am about ready
to toast Nology's butt on the Internet and suddenly he has an attitude adjustment. He will personally drive out a new set of wires and install them himself. My parting words to him are, "Did you measure the replacement wires yourself?"

The assistant arrives at my builder's shop and attempts to install the new
wires. Once again one wire will not snap on. The assistant distroys the
wire trying to get it to snap. He offers us a full refund which my builder
refuses. The Nology man indicates that they have the connectors made by a
subcontractor and are having problems. My builder pulls a set of Rajah connectors off his shelf and shows the "engineer" that each of those connectors fits perfectly and have been on the market for 20 years. My builder suggests they change connector sources.

The Nology man agrees to fix the defective wire and bring it back the next
day. Before he leaves, my builder mentions that the rubber boots are pulling off. Mr. Nology indicates that they are using the best silicone adhesive available. My builder tells him they are using the wrong adhesive
and pulls a can off his shelf and shows him what they should be using. My
builder also shows him the old OEM boots and several other wires with rubber boots in his shop. None of them pull off.

After three days and two phone calls, the wire is finally returned reglued
with silicone. It finally snaps on so my builder says screw it, he will glue the boots on himself.

Tolal time wasted was two and one half weeks. Numerous phone calls, false
promises and shoddy workmanship made this a purchase we could of lived without.

Usual disclaimer for dealing with clowns, I have no finanical interest (thank God).

Jim Richmond

87 951 2.9, finally wired
1/2 89 S2, will not use Nology wires unless they get rid of the bugs and give us a free set for our trouble

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