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From digest.v4.n733 Sat Jun 15 20:17:30 1996
From: sean thompson <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 00:29:41 GMT
Subject: E30 head bolt replacement

I did the bolt update today and for the benefit of those considering this job here are my observations:
The few tools you need are:besides bently book so you know what order to do them.

  1. 10mm socket to remove valve cover
  2. nut driver to remove hose clamp
  3. breaker bar
  4. 6in. extension
  5. E14 torx socket
  6. 17mm socket to remove old bolts
  7. torque wrench

    8> something to measure the angle(90deg. stages 2 and 3)torque angle guage
    is **THE** tool .Napa has it for ~~40.00. I used a square. whatever you use make sure you have quality tools. these are tight. I broke a cheapo 17mm socket trying to get out an old one. The bolts and a new gasket ran about 35.00 inc. shipping If you read the FAQ, there is mention of cleaning the holes w/ brake cleaner. I did do this but the compressed air in my small air tank was not enough to clear all the holes. Make sure all liquid is out of there. I took my time and was careful and it took about 2 hours. not too difficult. withe the cover it would be a good time to adj. the valves. I seem to have misplaced my feeler guages so I didn't do it this time.happy motoring.

Sean-- now rid of that fearful threat of breaking headbolts

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