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From digest.v6.n791 Fri Jun 20 08:37:43 1997
From: Pearson-Franks Family <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 08:13:23 -0400
Subject: <all> Feedback On Nology Wires

BMW Digesters:

Below is a 'reprint' of experiences with Nology Wires, which has been a topic of interest on this Digest on and off in the last several weeks. I am forwarding this with the kind permissions of the author, Phillip, and the Volvo Digest owner, Steve Seekins. Thank you, gentlemen.

BTW, if you, too, have two loves (and the other one is Volvo), please try Steve's Volvo Digest at: Similar majordomo functions, excellent advice and moderation.

Original note follows, verbatim:

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 06:14:01 -0400 (EDT) Subject: NOLOGY WIRES

NOLOGY WIRES. I bought a set of these and ran them on my 242T and have now modified them and put them on my 745T. They cost about $150-175 per set and that does not include a coil wire. You must also use non resistor plugs, so you'll have to buy a set of those, too.

I would put these into the "not sure whether they do anything or not" category. There are other improvements I would spend my money on first. I am sure that they increase radio noise dramatically and that that problem will have to be addressed somehow. I have not gotten around to it yet.

I called MSD and they told me the Nology wires were like Splitfire plugs and wires, more advertising and hype than anything else. I called Crane and they told me their computer would not work with Nology wires, although I have heard this may no longer be the case. I called Magnecor, a maker of very high quality after market plug wires, and they told me the Nology wires would not help. I called TorqueMaster, whose surface gap plugs I have used for years (note that Bosch is now coming out with a surface gap plug in wide automotive applications) and he said that the wires do help with emissions on marginal cars. He sells the wires at a discount.

The capacitor technology has been around for years and was used in the 1960s on plug wires. It is basically a ground for the plug wires.

Given that the Group A 242 Turbos ran stock ignitions and wires, as do, I believe, the TWR 850 race cars, I would think carefully about where on your priority list you want to place these wires, unless you are trying to make an older car pass emissions.

The Magnecor wires are good, but won't add any power. Wisdom is that no good plug wires will add power, but that bad wires will cause problems. MSD and Accel make universal wire kits of low resistance wire. They are for V8s, but you could make up two sets. They are cheap, too. Look in Summit.

One of the car magazines dyno tested the Nology wires and had to make many changes in fuel, timing and other things to gain just a few hp. RIght out of the box, the Nology wires lost hp. The fuel and timing changes might have added power without the Nology wires.

Philip Bradley

Larry Franks
Issaquah, Washington
'86 535i
'86 528e
'79 528i
'83 245 GLT (Swedish iron)

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