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From digest.v7.n190 Fri Aug 29 06:02:53 1997
From: Alfred Sutlick <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:22:24 -0700
Subject: Re: <BMW> Decarbonizing engine (v07.n187)


Although I've heard mention of it, I'm not familiar with the procedure of using crushed walnut to decarbonize an engine. I am however, familiar with a gas additive with the brand name Mix-I-Go, and its effectiveness in decarbonizing an engine. I used it regularly with good results, until which time my supplier moved out of state, and left me without a convenient source.

Suffice to say, I owned a 2002 in which I had cause to remove the cylinder head, both before, and after I started using Mix-I-Go. I can attest to its effectiveness in removing carbon deposits from the tops of pistons, and from valve seats and stems. It is also a top-cylinder lubricant.

Presently, I am using a similar product called PSP. It's manufactured here in San Diego, and I purchase it in the Navy Exchange. This product is used by the USCG, and some of our large tuna seiners, along with various fleet operators, etc. If my son had been using the PSP prior to our pulling and replacing the cylinder head on his 325i, I would've had some idea as to the effectiveness of PSP.

PSP doesn't maintain a web site, but Mix-I-Go can be found at: <> for product history and info on it, and <> for ordering info.

I've considered going back to Mix-I-Go, although it would be mail-order time, but it DOES work; I've read the product testimonials for PSP, but I can't say from MY EXPERIENCE, that it does everything it claims.

Al Sutlick
San Diego Chapter

'79 635 CSi Euro ('88 535i long block w/L-Jetronic) '84 528e (wife's)
'91 325i (son's)

Member - U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association. "In God we trust, all others we monitor."

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