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From digest.v9.n19 Mon Aug 3 16:32:16 1998
From: John G.Burns <>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 22:56:39 BST
Subject: Another Ansa moan

I must agree with most of what I've read about Ansa. The P.O. of my 635 put on an Ansa system. The rear box rotted at exactly two years and 15K miles (I have his old receipts).

Today I realised that "loose join" in the exhaust was actually an internal problem in the middle resonator (E24 has 2 resonators and a muffler). Probably just as rotten as the muffler was when I replaced it two months ago.

Tempted to get the stock euro resonator but it's not cheap and I've already spent 350 GBP on a good radar detector and 600 on new suspension this month. Are any of the aftermarket systems better OR cheaper?

Sad thing is I don't really mind spending $1500+ on a car that's almost 14 years old. My girlfriend thinks I'm going to spend all my time in her new Z3 when it finally arrives, she needn't worry ;-)) Don't think I'll order my E46 this week either.

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