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From digest.v7.n806 Sun Dec 21 02:03:49 1997
From: (Dan, Marilyn, Phil Patzer)
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 21:44:52 -0800
Subject: 02 downward eng removal old dog new trick

What started as a transmission rebuild & set of shocks rapidly included a valve job as I questioned the owner about recent performance. So off with the head, to only find really bad cylinder walls. Underneath twas found the infamous cracked 2002 front subframe. 30+ yrs of pulling BMW engines, I suddenly flashed on reversing the install process used at the factory. Why not?????? With all the usual disconnects, I lowered the front subframe with block/trans still secured to it carefully down onto a cart on wheels. Undoing the subframe to-chasis bolts, then raising the very empty car back up on the hoist.
Zip-zap....trans, pressure plate & flywheel off the block. Motor stand bracket onto it, and transfer to stand. Take subframe to welder......Reverse for install.......Not! Maybe If I had the new engine ready to go, but I need the lift/hoist yesteday. The subframe is back in and the struts on, and the car will be pushed to the corner til next week when the eng/trans unit will be slung in the traditional way. It was fun trying something different, which I may well do again on teardown if all that much is to be removed again. Happy wrenching.

Dan Patzer
the CyberWrench 425-259-3601 R100RS tii touring K75RT 732i from Bimmers Only

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