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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 16:44:38 -0400
From: "todd j. derr" <>
Subject: Re: V1 "debug" mode - answered

On Fri, Sep 04, 1998 at 02:51:47PM -0500, Brian M Kennedy wrote: > How about just a quick summary of the things you can do with it -- then we'd
> each know whether we want to call VR for the instructions on how to do it?

OK. Maybe I should just call V1 and try to get them to put it online...

Anyways, it's nothing terribly exciting, but:

To enter programming mode: turn on V1 while holding control knob until all the lights come on (approx 5 seconds).

To exit: turn it off and back on.

Press the knob to move through the selections (indicated in bogey counter); hold it for a few seconds to change the selection (indicated by ahead/behind arrows - note that 'ahead' is the default for all of them.)

The first thing (cycling through 4 numbers) is the software version. The latest version is 2.695. Note that you have to have version 2.680 or greater for user programmability to work. Next you have the settings. Most of them are listed as 'unused' or are undocumented... hmmmm...

The first 4 can be used to _completely_ disable detection on each individual band, which doesn't sound like a very smart thing to do :). Ahead is enabled, Behind is disabled:

1       X Band
2       K Band
3       Ka Band
4       Laser

These rest are somewhat self-explanatory, though I can't say I'm sure exactly what they do. The wording is straight from the FAX:

5       Ka bargraph     Ahead   Normal Ka bargraph emphasis
                        Behind  Weak Ka signals seem stronger

6       Ka falsing      Ahead   Normal Ka false alarm suppression
                        Behind  Reduced Ka false alarm suppression

7       (unused)

8       Muting          Ahead   Normal reduced volume muting
                        Behind  Complete silence when muted

A       Bogey Lock Tone Ahead   Normal loud bogey lock tone when muted
                        Behind  Soft bogey lock tone when muted

The rest (B-H) are all listed as 'unused', and the stuff you get when you go past that is not documented.

have fun,

bmwcca #130676

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