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From digest.v6.n198 Mon Feb 10 16:18:16 1997
From: Michael Nover <>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 20:32:21 -0800
Subject: Re: <e28> Why not use and optima battery?


I had one in my e28 M5 for the year and a half that I pwned it, and it never faltered. I left the lights on at an airport for 4 days, came back, got it jumped and never had any hesitation the remaing 9 months of ownership.

Of course that was in Portlnad OR where batteries don't get put to the test. I originally got the battery while I was living in upstate NY, but I the car was garaged, and I only drove once in a while that winter.

I'm a big believer in the pricipal that you can never have too many cold cranking amps. The HUGE OE battery that came in the M5 had about 1/2 the amps of the Optima, and was at ;least twice the size.

Good luck,

Michael Nover
91 iX - with year old OE battery (purchased by the previous owner)

>From: Kelly Alexander <kelly_at_BSDI.COM>
>Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 15:42:30 -0700
>Subject: <e28> Why not use and optima battery?
> The 42 month interstate battery in my '86 535i is going into
>it's 70th month and it's starting to get a little weak. I was thinking
>of just dropping in an optima battery since it works so well in my
>jeep powering the winch and whatnot I figured it would do just as
>well running the power seats or whatever takes so much juice in the
>535 and would get rid of the leaking problems that "normal" batteries
>seem to have.

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