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Date: Fri, 1 Sep 95 21:20 EDT
Subject: OBC fault codes


>      E36 instrument board information
> OBC speaking German > OBC Language > OBC fault codes

>Ok, I tried disconnecting the battery like several people suggested. I left
>it unhooked for 1.5 hours. No joy, the computer still displays the PPPP
>fault on several of the functions. Any more ideas???? Again, does anyone
>know what kind of fault this is? Is it internal to the computer with the
>displays and keys??
>thanks Jeff
>88 535i 80.9K
Hi Jeff,

PPPP error code is loss of programming, if you have tried the battery disconnect then it is component replacement time..... actually the OBC is real easy to come out in your car.... you have to remove the radio with a special screwdriver, it looks like an Allen key but it's not, up on the right side of the radio hole you will find a lever..... pull on it the OBC should pop out, if it is tight pull on the lever and give the dash a bang with your fist above the same area .....I know it sounds crude but it works, instead of disconnecting your battery and losing your radio code remove the OBC which is the same thing as disconnecting your battery. You have to find out if you have an OBC 3 or an OBC 4, OBC 4 has KM/C and Miles/F button in the top left hand corner. If you replace it you will have to synchronize the langauges between the cluster display and the OBC. See HTTP:// (Web FAQ) on this subject. this is also a good place to look for you other guys who's cars are speaking German (Sprechen ze Deutche) or something like that.....


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