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From digest.v9.n162 Fri Sep 11 09:10:47 1998
From: "Chao, Harvey" <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 08:26:11 -0700
Subject: Instrument Cluster Repairs, etc.

In V9, #161 there was a post from Jake about problems he is having with his instrument cluster and how he removed it etc. There are have been other posts about instrument and SI board work as well as individuals changing chips in the ECU module.

A word of caution - It is my understanding that many of these electronic assemblies have (CMOS) integrated circuits that are extremely sensitive to Electro Static Discharge (ESD). This is an industry term for static electricity - the kind of shock you get from walking across the carpet, rubbing a wool blanket etc. The level of shock you get from those kinds of static discharges is many many times the level needed to blow out (CMOS) integrated circuits.

The way around this is with proper handling of circuit assemblies, properly grounded work areas, anti-static plastic bags, and use of anti-static grounding straps for the person handling ESD sensitive items.

If you are going to venture into handling and repairing these kinds of devices, I would recommend that if you are not familiar with proper ESD handling procedures, find a friend who is and get him or her to teach you what you need to know and get the proper equipment (pretty basic and not expensive [compared to cost of damage avoided!] and re-usable) so that you don't accidentally make the problem you are attempting to resolve worse.


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