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From digest.v6.n560 Mon Apr 21 10:25:30 1997 From: Jimmy Shrake <> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 97 00:07:05 -0500
Subject: RE: Too much $$ for alarm remote.

Alpine may not care to help, but your stereo shop should be willing to work with you on it.

Assuming the BMW one's are identical to the Alpine, which they appear to be, there is a little "chip" thingy that plugs in on the circuit board of the transmitter. This holds the code for your particular alarm brain. When you buy a new Alpine remote, it come w/o this chip. All you need to do is buy one and swap in the chip from your old one. (I'm also assuming this chip is not what is broken, seems unlikely to me, but just make sure to buy it from a place that will let you return it if it doesnt work.)

The chip also has the code on it that tells them how to make you a new one if needed. If the shop isn't being helpful, just tell them you have an older Alpine alarm you bought around 1990 & you want a single button remote for it. Scratch the "BMW" off the transmitter if you have to. I'd bet that is the only difference. Tell them you think it is a model "8040 or 8050 or something." I'm pretty sure these are of the same vintage as the BMW unit. I have a new Alpine now and the transmitter still looks identical to the BMW one and the Alpine I bought in '89. I bet it is too...

I've paid about $40-50 for the 3 button Alpine units when I've lost or broken them.

Jimmy Shrake
Austin, TX

bmw-digest member since '93

'93 318is (Current)
'85 325e (KIA)

>Does anyone out there know where I might be able to get a replacement >for the remote for less $$$. I think it's foolish to pay $100 for the >remote, but I'm in a bind because a new alarm system will cost upwards >of $400.

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