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From digest.v7.n1095 Sun Feb 8 01:50:10 1998
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 23:01:58 EST
Subject: AUTOLOC and Alarms

Here is my experience with the AUTOLOC alarm system for the newer E36.

After calling the sales dept. and after checking out the factory BMW alarm system, I bought the AUTOLOC. I liked the code jumping feature that it has over the factory BMW alarm. Although most of the car theives in my area just go after your stereo or cell phone, because they aren't smart enough to know about "codes", I still liked the feature.

I pulled out my glove box after the AUTOLOC alarm came, and pluged it in. It worked right away. The first thing I noticed is it came with one of those cheap sirens that come with the $29.95 alarm systems from JC Whitney. The next thing I noticed is it did not have an ignition cut-out like the factory alarm. The last and most important thing I noticed was it DID NOT double lock my doors. It didn't even lock the fuel door!! It also has no glass break detector. It does have a "DUEL" shock sensor. As their misspelled ad in the Roundel states.

So I called their "tech line" to find out about how come it didn't double lock my doors. The "tech man" had no idea about how the double lock system worked on the newer cars. He said " You don't want to double lock your doors everytime because it will wear out your lock solenoids". He did not believe me when I said that every time you lock your newer BMW from the outside with the key, you double lock your doors. He said "you have to turn your key 90 deg. to double lock a BMW". I said that was the older BMW's, and the newer ones are different. He would not believe me.

So did I want this system? NO..... The only thing it has over the factory alarm is the code jumping feature. Other than that, it's a much more inferior system. The factory alarm with an addition of a Alpine "dual" shock sensor makes a much nicer and more secure alarm. For those who are worried about warranty problems down the road, my BMW shop said they would not cover anything if they found it had something to do with an "aftermarket alarm".

I returned the alarm to AUTOLOC, and ordered the factory alarm system and also ordered an Alpine shock sensor. The BIGGEST kick in the pants was, they charged me $45.00 to "restock" the little box it came in !! So watch out fellow digesters. Make sure that you REALLY want an AUTOLOC before you order, or it will cost you $45.00 to find out its really not that good of an alarm.

Dave Schultz
BMW / CCA Pittsburgh
'96 M3

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