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From digest.v7.n1129 Fri Feb 13 11:38:30 1998
From: "Edwards, Scott" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 08:50:09 -0600
Subject: Houston Brake Light Upgrade (was <E28> many random little questions...)

I'll tackle this one.
<<3) I notice there is an unused socket in the taillights. I've heard (and it looks to be so) that it's simple to wire it up as another taillight. This seems like a good idea from a safety standpoint. If I do that will it mess up my check control unit? (which I just finally got to shut up...) It seems to me though that this is probably where the rear fog light bulbs went for euro-spec cars. If this is the case, can I just get the bulb holders and a euro-spec fog light switch? Or is the car not pre-wired for rear fogs? Where could I get those parts, anyway? I live right on Lake Erie (as in, I can walk out the door, hop a fence, and hit water) and it's often very foggy here.>>

I've modified my 533 and my wife's 535 brake lights to "Houston" style (check the nationwide rear end stats :-)). It's quite easy, cheap and doesn't blow up the check control. Go to the dealer and get two brake bulb holders and two bulbs. That will run you around $10 w/ discount. Next you're off to Radio Shack for two solderless crimp connectors (the kind where one wire runs through it and another one dead ends in it), around 1' of 18ish gauge wire if you don't have any laying around, and two female spade connectors (I don't know the actual size, but I'll call them medium since the assortment package has smaller one and larger ones).

Once you're in the trunk, use some pliers to break out the star shaped plug in the opening of the rear fog (inner most light) and toss it. Using 5-6 inches of wire, strip one end and crimp the medium spade connector (you did test fit it into the six position plug didn't you? And not all the way! (yet) Insert the female connector (with wire crimped to it) into the factory plug in the vacant position and it will snap in. Next take the loose end of your wire and using your solderless connector crimp it to the factory brake wire. This is the wire at the bottom outside of the connector. Crimp it around three inches from the factory connector. Re plug the factory connector, insert the bulb holders and you've now got double the brake light.


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