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From digest.v6.n45 Fri Jan 10 20:19:15 1997
From: (Phil Marx)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 15:55:20 -0500
Subject: <ALL> More wheel offsets

>From: Stuart Raike <>
>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 08:52:32 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Re: <ALL> Wheel offset
>Phil Marx was kind enough to list wheels offsets for just about every BMW
>model. Don't the E30 "ix" cars use a unique offset? I didn't see it in
>Phil's listing. I don't have an "ix" (yet) but want to add it's offset
>to my database. Phil or anyone else, any ideas?
>Stu Raike, St. Louis
>'92 325i
>'88 M3
>P.S. - Phil if you see this, I was talking to a good friend of mine, Bill
>Kemper. I told him of your great contributions to the digest. Bill
>spoke very highly of you and said to say "Hi". Come see us a Gateway
>Tech sometime!

Don't think I've been since the first five or so. How long ago was that? Actually my retirement from the BMWCCA Presidency occured at an Annual Meeting in St. Louis concurrent with Gateway Tech, as I recall. 1989 maybe..or '90?

The original question was concerning 5-bolt wheel offsets and the secondary question was the original offset on the E21 which was the vehicle being converted to 5-bolt hubs. That's why the "ix" was left off. It is, however:

E30*iX* 14"     = 45mm
        15"     = 41mm
       TR390    = 47mm

Never seemed to stop used car lots from putting the std E30 on them though. What a thought.

>Phil--I read your answer concerning wheel offsets for the various
>models. Do you know what the offset is for the E24?
>I have the TRX wheels and will be looking to upgrade in the future. I
>spoke with Don Mies who has 235/45-17 on 8.5x17 wheels, but he didn't
>know the offset.
>Mike (Gordon)

E24 6/6.5x14" = 22mm

    7x14"       = 18mm
    TR390       = 22mm
    7x15"       = 20mm
    TR415       = 19mm

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