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From digest.v7.n436 Tue Oct 14 15:49:17 1997
From: Jonathan Selig <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 13:04:00 -0400
Subject: <E21 and 02> Transmission R&R

A few pointers others may find helpful when replacing a 2002 or 320i = transmission......

  • I made aligning studs that were inserted into the lower right and left = threaded bolt holes of the engine bellhousing. This eliminated the need = to simultaneously "benchpress" the tranny while trying to align the = input shaft splines with the clutch disc.I made the aligning studs by = cutting the heads off 10x90 (1.5 pitch) bolts. Use cut-off tool or hack = saw to cut slots into end of bolt where the head had been removed to = provided a slot for a flat blade screwdriver.=20
  • After mangling a new selector rod seal by trying to install it using a = deep socket....I purchased the proper tool from Ultimate Garage. = Considering the seals are $6+/ea..... it doesn't take many to justify = the cost of the proper install tool.
  • Removal of the old selector seal should be done to avoid scratching = the selector rod. Even the slightest burr on the selector rod will chew = up a new seal in no time. Brett Anderson had described his self made = tool as a hardened pick/awl or narrow flat head screwdriver that he bent = a small hook or "L" onto the end that he could force it = through the front face of the seal and then hook it and pull outwards. = Insert so that the hook face away from the selector rod to avoid damage.
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