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From digest.v7.n530 Mon Nov 3 12:11:20 1997
From: Ron Stygar <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 00:08:28 EST
Subject: <All> Lets make the clutch stop adjustable (repost)

Making the clutch stop adjustable lets you set it to a known reference, eliminating the free travel. This is how I did it on my '86 325es, '96 328is and '97 318tis. For photos of the pieces parts connect to: <A HREF="">http:/bmw/i mages/</A> or <A HREF="">Ken Potters Site </A>

Parts: Stopper 35 31 1 152 237 $0.42 retail

          Rubber cap 35 31 1 153 896 $0.55 retail
          Hex head bolt M10x1.5x40mm long
          6/32x1/2 inch pan head screw

The stopper you purchase, lets you go back to stock. The rubber cap goes over the M10 bolt where it meets the carpet, for a finished look. Unscrew the stock clutch stop. Its the ~1 1/4 inch rubber capped stopper assembly on the floor directly below the clutch arm. Remove the rubber cap from the stopper. Cut off the threads from the plastic stopper. Smooth the cut. Drill the modified plastic stopper in the center to accommodate the pan head screw. Drill and tap the bolt center. Tap drill size is a #36. Mount the stopper to the M10 bolt using the 6/32 pan head screw. Install the rubber cap over the stopper. Install the purchased rubber cap over the M10 bolt thread. Install the cap stopper bolt assembly back into the original floor position, turning it in all the way. Adjust to your preference. If your not sure of what we are doing here, don't do it.

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