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From digest.v7.n408 Thu Oct 9 12:24:20 1997
From: (Dan, Marilyn, Phil Patzer)
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 07:09:21 -0800
Subject: BMW Clutch Job

Just a couple pointers.

1 Great care must be taken if the flywheel is resurfaced. If the "Notch" for TDC is bumped, the flywheel must be re-worked, or replaced.

2 The pilot bearing at the back of the crankshaft is an open-face

ball-bearing. Replace it with a double sealed one These are readily available under bearing #6201-2RS. If there's no auto supply or bearing house nearby, try an auto-electric shop as these are commonly used on alternators.

3 Always replace the "PLASTIC" pivot post the throw-out arm rests on.

BMW # 21-51-1-202-659.

4 When installing the new "GEIBO" flex-disc at the output flange/driveshaft

junction, place all of the bolts facing forward. Early books/procedures had half of the bolts facing rearward. Great idea, but when a nut got loose, the rearward facing bolts would bounce forward and chew up the transmissions, "LOKTITE" the nuts and bolts in place.

5 Replace the transmission mounts.

6 If the transmission is not leaking, don't replace the seals, just the

fluid. I see 3-400k mile gearboxes all the time with no leakage, so don't have the mileage put you off.

7 Replace the shift platform mounts if the rubber cushions are showing their

age. BMW # 25-11-1-202-842

Remember you're enjoying all of this. Dan Patzer
The CyberWrench from Bimmers Only

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