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From digest.v7.n397 Tue Oct 7 21:24:35 1997
From: Nahdiah Hoang <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 01:30:15 +0200
Subject: re: changing out clutch

Here's what is generally involved to change out a clutch:=20

1.) drop exhaust system, slide it to one side 2.) drop trans crossmember
3.) drop driveshaft coverplate=20
4) drop driveshaft & flexdisk, slide it to one side 5.) remove clutch slave from housing
6.) remove two sensors from housing
7.) remove shifter knob
8.) remove shifter boot, unplug the reverse light from connector 9.) remove shifter mount from below car 10.) lower tail end of trans until it rests on some crossbar member in = front of the sway bar
11.) remove torx bolts using a cheater bar, and 3' socket extension rod, = and at the top, some type of swivel
12.) There are two sizes of torx bolts, so dig pretty close to get at = all of them.=20
13.) may need to remove the distributor cap since the motor will be = angled from rest position.
14) slide trans away from the block, with floor jack underneath it all. =

15.) maneuver the shifter and rod out along with trans. 16.) Get flywheel locking tool , and mount it onto the engine block. 17.) remove pressure plate
18.) clutch disk comes out=20
19.) to install clutch disk, get a pilot shaft tool , cost about $3.00 20.) align new clutch disk through pilot shaft 21.) install pressure plate, and retorque 22.) slip trans back into engine- This part is KILLER, if you don't have = a partner to help.=20
23.) the rest is pretty much the reverse of everything above.=20

I spent 4 hours tearing everything down to the bare flywheel. I had = problems figuring out how to get to the last torx bolt holding the trans = to the engine block. I spent another 3 hours putting everything back in. = It took me three jabs , with my wife maneuvering the floor jack, to get = the trans back into the engine block. THe things to watch out for..... , = when reinstalling the sensors back into the block, to not have them = switched around. The clutch disk could be installed in reverse, with = the hub into the flywheel and so the springs will interfere with the = flywheel when tightening down on the pressure plate. THe transmission, = when it is coming down, could bind on the shifter linkages and bend the = rod if not careful.=20

Be assured that there is nothing mysterious nor complicated about = replacing a clutch. There's really not that many related components = that you have to remove before the trans falls to the ground.

Good Luck From: Jeff Lee <>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 08:55:41 -0400
Subject: Changing a Clutch ..?

I was wondering how hard it is to change the clutch, I read through a repair manual it just seems like a case of having the right tools and = time....

But I was wondering how easy it is to botch it up, being a novice at this..I'm trying to maintain the car myself, but I fear one day, I'll = end up
with that extra piece after I'm done..

1990 525i (M20)
Rockville, MD

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