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From digest.v7.n1856 Wed Jun 10 15:47:14 1998
From: "Brett Anderson" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 14:17:13 -0400
Subject: Re: E30 clutch problem BA

>Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 00:16:51 +0000
>Subject: E30 clutch problem
>I just replaced the slave cylinder on my 87 325is to solve my clutch
>problem of the pedal being stuck on the floor-ack!. Anyway, my buddy
>and I bled it until the fluid ran clear-new fluid at that, but the
>pedal still goes to the floor when depressed anything less than very
>quick-that is, you can very quickly depress the pedal and have it
>come back up, but depressing it slowly (as one would drive) and then
>releasing it results in it being slowly sucked back down to the
>Any hints here?
>Scott A Johnson
>95 Contour SE - wifes car/baby hauler
>87 BMW 325is - BS miata fighter

The only time I ever saw a slave cylinder result in a dead pedal was when it blew out and left all the fluid on the ground. I'd have to say your master cylinder is shot. This is assuming you have bled all the air out of the system.
Also, after bleeding a clutch system, the pedal must be pumped half a dozen times after the last time the bleed valve is opened, in order to build up the pressure in the line. The pedal requires back pressure of the fluid to force it back up.

Brett Anderson
BMW and ASE master technician

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