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From digest.v7.n727 Sun Dec 7 23:35:47 1997
From: Bart Ho <>
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 18:26:54 +0000
Subject: re: Glass & Tires

  1. I too have used Bon Ami with poor results. To those who asked about scratched windshields, here is the answer I received from PPG:


The best way to remove light scratches, and I emphasis LIGHT scratches is to get some cerium oxide from the hardware store. It is a mild abrasive when mixed with water. Make a slurry and polish the scratches using a soft cloth. If the scratches are not deep, they should come off.

Hope this helps.

Russ Corsi PPG"

Note: I have not tried this but will do so this week.

2. Re: Dunlop SP9000s and Michelin MXX3s, note the following from the best (in my estimation) tire test conducted by the car mags-(English) Autocar (issue 11/5/97). They test and rate for dry handling (race circuit), skidpad, wet handling (race circuit), wet braking, aquaplaning in a straight line, aquaplaning in a curve, noise and weight on a 3 series. Conclusions in a nutshell are for three tires:

  • - Bridgestone S-O2 best overall, very good dry, excellent wet
  • - Dunlop SP-9000 mediocre dry, fairly good wet
  • - Michelin MXX3 superb (best) dry, poor wet
  • - also tested Goodyear and Pirelli (both good overall) and Continental (worst of pack)

Moral of the story:

  • - directional tires are a must if wet weather performance is your top priority but there is a dry performance penalty
  • - MXX3s are BY FAR the best dry handling tire on the circuit and skidpad is an astounding .03g better than next best (tie Goodyear and Pirelli) and .08g! better than last-place ContiSport Contact
  • - you get what you pay for
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