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From digest.v7.n1204 Fri Feb 27 21:04:14 1998
From: "Kennedy Simon" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:06:16 -0800
Subject: <Misc> Cement Dust: Solutions

Thanks to Bill Peyton, Barrett Nichlas, Craig Eller and most especially Larry Reynolds (of Car Care Specialties - for their helpful feedback and welcome commiseration on saving my cars paint after it had been coated with cement dust from a neighboring construction site. The basic wisdom for anybody similarly afflicted (to be applied tommorrow when I get back to Chicago) is:

  1. Remove the cement deposits with 'Limesolve' or white vinegar, *AFTER TESTING EITHER SOLVENT ON A CONCEALED PART OF THE PAINT, SAY THE DOOR KICK-PANEL AREA* Cement dust (and mortar for bricks)is made up of portland sand or lime, which is naturally acidic and and highly adhesive, and will therefore tend to bond with your paint or (hopefully the case for me) the layer of wax on top of your paint. Just 'dab' the solvent on - don't rub it in. Do this one small area at a time, then...
  2. Immediately wash off the vinegar/limesolve with soap/water and dry
  3. Use 3M hand-glaze to remove the residual deposits (which you should be able to see, but not feel)
  4. Feed and clean the paint with a product such as P21S Paintwork Cleanser (cement and solvents having removed much of the natural oils)
  5. Re-wax the car

Notes: do NOT buff the car - the cement dust is similar to sand, and will not be kind to the paint.

Apologies to all of the above individuals if I got anything wrong - I'll report back over the weekend on the results.

Simon Kennedy
'95 M3

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