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From digest.v9.n1120 Wed Jun 9 17:34:26 1999
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 11:02:17 EDT
Subject: The ultimate in leather cleaning/care/feeding (all read please)

Probably most of you are using some kind of "lotion" or "dressing" on your BMW leather to "condition" it. Products like Meguairs, Lexol and the like.

Well, THIS guy has been down that road and learned a very valuable lesson. All these "conditioners" actually don't do a damn thing. They sit of the surface of the leather, are full of fatty "lanolin" products, and (if you had black leather) you can actually SEE the dried lanolin on the seats (looks whitish).

There is a most phenomenal product, used on Rolls-Royces for years. I tried it, have done all 3 of my BMW's, with it, and without exxageration can tell you there IS a way to make your leather look EXACTLY like it came off the showroom floor.

The product is called LEATHERIQUE. It is a 2 step system. The 1st. step is called "Rejuvinator Oil". This product is heavily applied to the leather and the leather is allowed to "bake" in the sun for a day, with car windows rolled up. Through capillary action, the product goes right THROUGH the leather, softening it and pulling up the dirt and crud. The next morning, the seats look like HELL!. That is when step #2 comes in, which is PRISTINE CLEAN. You apply this on a wet terrycloth and remove all the dirt, skin oils, etc. It does NOT remove the REJUVINATOR OILS work. This PRISTINE CLEAN will leave a hazy film. You then use a damp terrycloth and OFF comes all the dirt, oil , etc.. You follow up with a dry soft terrycloth which leaves , ta-da!- the leather EXACTLY like it looked when the car was new .

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man who manufacturers this product has had this formula for over 30 years. There is NO silicones, lanolin, or other ingredients that your seats shouldn't have put on them. I am a total "convert". I did my seats TWICE (once to get all the other crappy products off the leather).

If any of you would TRULY like your seats to look "as new" and soften them to like a baby's ass, THIS is the product for you! They have a website, you can read about and order the product. BTW, they also have leather dyes for those of you who have leather that the dye has cracked/worn off.

You will be forever kicking yourself in the ass for not finding this product sooner.

BMW CCA member
97' 840ci (from new)
98' 740iL
99' 323 ia

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