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From digest.v7.n302 Fri Sep 19 11:45:51 1997
From: (Barrett Nicholas)
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 15:24:18 GMT
Subject: re: black matte window posts on e36 BMW, etc

Ivan: I've used a product, Black Again, that works well on the window posts. It has sunscreens in it, no silicone, nice matte finish, not shiny - the only bad things about it is that it's $12 for an 8oz bottle and it doesn't last as long as I'd like. I've heard putting Meguiar's #42 on top after makes it last much longer, but I haven't tried it. At least the Meguiar's is less expensive - $10.50 for 16oz. =46or your interior vinyI, try Lexol Vinylex - sunscreens, matte finish, etc., their leather products are good also. I'm in Texas, so I can appreciate what the sun can do to your interior, I'm sure Australia is simular. I buy my car care products from Larry Renyolds at Car Care Specialties in New Jersey - I don't know if you'll be able to find either of these products in Australia, but Larry does do mail order. His email is his phone number is (201) 796-8300, he does take charge cards - he's a good guy with lots of good advice based on experience, his catalog is more that half full of articles on how to use the products he sells. (I don't get anything out of endorsing him, but he's always ready to answer my questions & I like to return the favor.) For the scratches on the hood (bonnet), Zymol won't help - it's just a wax. I'd try 3M Imperial Hand Glaze, it's worked well for me. I haven't tried it, but they also make Swirl Mark Remover Glaze - they claim "removes and fills light surface imperfections" you order it in a dark or light glaze. I'd try the Imperial glaze first, better to be rid of the problem than to just hide it. If you can feel the scratches with your fingernail, it's too deep to remove this way, so if they are, maybe the Swirl Mark Remover is the way to go. Ask Larry, he can tell you for sure. For lube, I use Wurth HHS-2000 spray lube - it's synthetic, sprays on liquid and sets up thicker. Wurth is a German company and supplies BMW with a lot of the chemicals they use. I'd try this on the doors, but your steering column shouldn't be making any noise, I'd look carefully & disassemble the steering column & find out what's rubbing first before blindly spraying lube down it in the hopes that it will cure it. That might stop the noise, but you really want to know why it's making the noise

  • - maybe there's a bushing that's cracked or something like that. Remember, steering is not an optional feature! :)

Hope this helps,

>From: Ivan Rostas <>
>Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 12:22:20 +1000
>Subject: BMW Beginners questions=20
>Hello all!
>This is my first post, re my recent purchase (here in Australia) of a =

>build 1995 registered 318i. It has a sunroof, Diamond Black (Schwarz)
>paint and black anthracite interior. I fell in love at first site, that
>black, flawless interior. And with only 26k on the clock at a great
>price... the rest is history.
>Anyhow, I have a few questions that I hope some of you would be kind =

>to answer.
>1. The previous owner appears to have added circular scratches to the
>bonnet after what appears to have been a frenzied buffing attack with a
>scratchy towel or the like. I have heard of something called Zymol. Is
>this appropriate for removing such scratches and restoring the surface. =

>BMW paintwork superior to Japanese makes?
>2. The rear doors require a firm click-pull to open, and where the door
>hinge (?) meets the door, there appears to be no lubricant. Can anyone
>suggest what to use, and if the lack of lube at that point is the reason
>for the stiffness of door opening. Also, the steering wheel makes a =

>scraping sound (very slight) as it spins back to 12 o'clock. Another
>lubricant issue?
>3. Last one, sorry guys & gals. The matte black panel between the =
front a

>rear side windows appears to pick up any grease on the fingers. I am
>loathe to use Armor-All, as I dont like glossing the matte surfaces
>(interior particularly) of the car, (unless it will protect it from the
>Australian sun!). Is there a fluid that will remove fingerprints and =

>from those panels?
>Thanks for your time, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>Ivan Rostas
>Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Barrett Nicholas
Houston, Texas
BMWCCA# 130,000
'95 325i - CeeKay, the SuperCar
JimC powered

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