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From digest.v7.n1241 Wed Mar 4 18:06:39 1998
From: H26C <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 14:26:28 EST
Subject: Re: iC plastic windows

Hi all iC owners:

As there has been several posts about how to maintain the plastic rear window, I thought I would throw my 2 cents in.

I owned an iC for over ten years. When I sold it, the original window was still in super condition. How did I do that?

First, whenever you park, make sure the car is parked in such a way, that the rear window faces AWAY from direct sunlight. I know, that is sometimes hard, if you can't do it, then cover the car. I got a special "top-only" cover from Beverly Hills Motoring. It locked into the trunk, and would have been hard to steal. Very quick and easy to put on and remove. It was held on the car by velcro around the mirrors and wipers, as well as small rods, which fit under the trunk lip and was locked in place. If memoery serves me right (second thing to go), I believe I paid around $50 for it. CHEAP!

Second, when the top is folded down, make sure you have a terry cloth towel on EACH side of the window. Don't let the plastic fold up on itself.

Third, most important. Disregard ALL commercial plastic window cleaners, including the BMW one! There are only two products that work and I suspect they are actually the same thing, just labeled differently. One product you buy from your local motorcycle shop and is used for helmet shields. It says on the label: "for plastic helmet shields". The brand name is: SLIP STREAMER. It is made by Slipstreamer Inc. 9835 West 69th Street, Eden Prarie, MN. 55344. The second product (which might be the same thing", you might already have. It is the stuff sold in computer stores, made for cleaning plastic monitor screens.

Now, to make sure the window does not yellow, either one of these products should be used almost weekly, both inside and outside.

No flames - please. All I am saying: My window lasted over 10 years and was almost like new when I sold the car. That, IMHO means the stuff worked! Regards,
Leif Anderberg BMWCCA #000154
1996 Motorsport 318ti (genuine)
1974 2002tii Baur

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