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From digest.v6.n228 Sun Feb 16 16:16:38 1997
From: (Ephraim Fithian)
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 11:47:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: <MISC> European delivery plan

>1. Is there more than one location in Europe where a person can take
>delivery? Where are they?

They used to have places other than Munich to pick up your car, but I think they stopped it. In any case, they used to charge you for shipping to another location. Call 800-932-0831.

>2. Is there more than one location where the car can be turned in for
>shipment to the US? Where are they?

Sure. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Berlin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Kaiserlautern, Cologne, London, Madrid, Nice, Oslo, Paris, Sindelfingen, Zurich. Also some cities in Italy by prior arrangement.

>3. Is the insurance package good for all of Europe including England?

Not sure. In May, 96, it was good for all of Europe including England, except for former Eastern Block countries. In July, 91, we drove all over Eastern Block, and it was covered. Call 800-932-0831.

>I also would like to have comments (good and bad) from members who have done
>the Euro delivery purchase.

My comments are all good. Did it in 85, 91, 94, and 96.

>And one question re the "Luxury Tax" - it originally was on the cost over
>$30,000, but it is my understanding that the $30K has gone up and will
>continue to - what is the base $ for 1997?

I could be wrong, but I think it is $36k.

>Thanks in advance (and after too), Gwynne Spencer '94 530IA
>Punta Gorda, FL

Ephraim Fithian <> 92 E36 325i 5-speed 82k (Euro Deliv), 97 E39 528i 5-speed 16k. (Euro Deliv) Previous 78 530i 4-speed 192k, 84 318i 5-speed 18k, 85 535i 5-speed 117k (Euro Deliv), 95 530i 5-speed 24k. (Euro Deliv) BMWCCA, NMA, Macintosh, Eastern PA.

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