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Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 20:54:51 -0500
From: Chris Glass <>
Subject: Re: [E36M3] Car Value????

(This is a reply to a private email, that for general interest I am copying to the list)

I paid $500 over invoice for my mine. Stickered at $44,115 and I think $500 over invoice was like $38-$39K (4dr, sunroof, power seats, obc, h-k). At the time, CCA was offering $1000 rebate, so my net was actually $500 under invoice. Of course, I waited until 31 March (last day of the quarter), and had watched the dealer's lot and knew what had been moving, and what had not.

I didn't waste the dealer's time. I walked at closing time in armed with KBB/Edmunds invoice information and asked the sales manager if he'd sell this particular car that had been sitting on his lot for a few weeks at $500 over invoice. No test drive, no dicking around, I provide financing, I give him the money right now, no BS - yes or no. He said yes. The only further concession I got was free floor mats and dealer cost on the factory alarm. At the time, BMW was giving the dealer a 3% holdback on MSRP, so he dealer didn't suffer. At a minimum, he got $500 plus 3% of $44,115.

But, so what? As I said before, this was a good deal for me, but M3 values are depressed in my area. I got screwed on my trade in ($25K for a clean '95 with 17K miles), so it all evens out.

Hope this helps.


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