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From digest.v7.n1091 Sat Feb 7 05:25:35 1998
From: (Laurel Schuster)
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 22:57:16 -1000
Subject: PBR asbestos pads

I have never used the Repco Deluxe, but have the MMasters on several cars... good pads.

I work for an environmental engineering consultant, am a certified asbestos project designer and write specs and plans for 'stos removal days on end. There's really no point to wearing gloves when changing pads (just don't pick your nose); but we really really oughta use a HEPA rated filter on your respirator. HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filters are identified with a purple stripe on them.

Generally, I pull a wheel and hose everything down with water, then go ahead with the pad change or whatever. The water is soon gone and, well, I like things clean, even in a useless place like a caliper which will dirty up pretty good in the first run down to the corner store.

My at-work neighbor (a many-year veteran of the 'stos jobs, contractor, lab and abatement designer work) just got some Deluxes and came by saying wow look at all the chrysotile bundles... no wonder they work so well, these things are hot as hell with 'stos..."

Well, think I'll stick with MMasters. Just wish four new rotors on the 3.0CS weren't quite so pricey. The one local dealer here in Honolulu wants like $120 each for the fronts, $106 each rear. Thinks I'll go to the aftermarket. Anyone with better-than BAS prices (45 front, 30rear), shoot me a note. Gee that's certainly cheap. Wonder if they're made of real metal?

stopping about in sunny Honolulu

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