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From digest.v6.n608 Thu May 1 14:49:22 1997
From: Jeff Krause <>
Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 08:41:58 -0400
Subject: Brembo Rotors

Sorry for the bandwidth, but Mr. Ackerman (sorry I don't have the address. It bounced and I deleted it in the morning fog before coffee) wrote and asked if the Brembo slotted rotors I was selling were a)new
b)stock size
c)going to last longer than oem.

And the envelope please...

The Brembos are brand new, never installed, stock size, and YMMV!

The single biggest factor in rotor wear is the DRIVER. We have a gentleman in the club who bought an M3 new in 88 and put on his first (1st!) set of rotors last summer at 120kmi, and this includes at LEAST 15 driver's schools as an instructor. I think most people use their brakes too hard, too quickly. Especially on the street, try to apply them gently for a second or so before really hammering them. This lessens the thermal shock to the rotors and allows them to come up to operating temp more gradually. On the track, this is VERY important for the first few corners of every session. Let the brakes come up to temperature slowly. Doing a warmup lap is not just for the engine, tires, and driver! Once the brakes are hot, though, the REVERSE is true! Then you want to use the brakes hard over a short distance to minimize the amount of time the brakes are actually on, which is when the pads can transfer heat from the rotor into the caliper and brake fluid. It is this switch that most people miss. Bottom line, take care of your brakes and they will last a lot longer.

Jeff Krause
Whiteland IN
The Driver's Edge

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