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From digest.v7.n414 Fri Oct 10 10:43:35 1997
From: "smcastle" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 09:03:37 -0400
Subject: <Amazing Discoveries>

Dave: "What have you got for us today, Steve?"

Steve: "This is unbelievable. The ad yesterday was wrong! The 850i brakes were listed with the wrong price!"

Dave: "This sounds exciting, Steve. Tell us more."

Steve: "Okay, I'm talking about the same exact pieces Dinan sold as its Stage 1 Brake Conversion. 324x30mm rotors. Big 850i calipers. Brake Pads. Dinan sells their kit for $1,495. If you are lucky, maybe you can get them to give you 10% off."

Dave: "That's not much of a discount is it?"

Steve: "No, Dave, it isn't. But before I tell you what the correct price is, first, let me tell you what cars can use these brakes."

Dave: "You mean more than one chassis series of BMW can use these brakes, Steve?"

Steve: "That's right, Dave. They will fit E24 six series, E28 five series, E34 five series, E32 seven series, and of course, E31 eight series."

Dave: "That's quite a few applications, Steve. Is there anything else?"

Steve: "Yes Dave, there is. The asking price will also include the high tech 8 series backing plates. These feature a stamped in air scoop to direct that cooling air to the calipers and rotors."

Dave: "This is almost too good to be true. I bet Dinan doesn't include the backing plates."

Steve: "Your right, Dave."

Dave: "Okay. I can't stand it any longer. You listed these yesterday at $600. What's the right price for the rotors, the calipers, the brake pads and the backing plates?"

Steve: "Dave, the right price is $500 plus shipping. We are going to blow this set-up out today!"

(audience applause; slow fade of lights as upbeat music starts . . .)

Steve C.
(p.s. email me if you want these)

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