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From Thu Jul 24 09:05:33 1997
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:52:23 -0500
From: kenneth inn <>
Subject: Re: ATE Slotted Rotors
Errors-To: wrote:
> i warp ATE rotors all the time on the track (stopped using them when i
> realized that was my problem). BMW rotors (from the dealer parts counter
> which jeff krause can get) do not warp and if they do, bmw will replace them
> within a year (not sure if the slotting affects the warranty). have yet to
> warp the Brembos, but have not taken a set to the limits yet.
> rodney
Years ago, the ATE rotors were made in about every other country EXCEPT Germany, as you know, no one makes rotors for BMW, except Brembo, who makes them for the 840i ONLY. ATE is an OEM supplier for hydraulics to BMW, but NOT rotors. most of the ate rotors that were warp city were made in Italy, and we had HUGE problems with them. The latest rotors from ATE(within the last year) that are gas slotted are made in Germany, I bet that if you checked the rotors you had warp problems with, you would find that they are made in another country. Also, stock rotors are made for street use, I doubt a street rotor will take the harsh life of track use, those who expect the car to not break on the track are in for a dissappointment.

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