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From digest.v7.n1219 Sun Mar 1 18:56:35 1998
From: "DRAINVILLE, Michel" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 15:44:36 EST5EDT
Subject: Re: Shock sensor for factory alarm

> From: Jason Chi-shen Chu <>
> Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:46:25 -0800
> Subject: shock sensor for factory alarm
> Hi,
> I know that the BMW factory alarm is Alpine oem and coomes without the shock
> sensor. Does anybody happen to know the model number of Alpine shock sensor
> for the factory system? And where to get it?
> Thanks.
> Jason Chu

I don't know the Alpine model number but I did install a Clifford shock sensor to my Alpine system in a 91 318ic. The sensor cost me $29CAN and has a special braket to mount it to the steering column using tye wraps.
On my alarm system there is no input for a shock sensor. I only have an input for the door switches and the trunk switch. I connected the shock sensor on the trunk input but not directly because the output of the shock sensor is a small transistor pulling the signal to ground and will fry if it has to take the current from the trunk light.
So what I did was to cut the wire going to the trunk input of the alarm, and connect it in a AND gate (CMOS) together with the signal coming from the shock sensor, the output of the gate goes to the trunk input of the alarm system. It works very well.

Hope this help.

Michel Drainville
91 318ic

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