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From digest.v7.n451 Thu Oct 16 11:31:57 1997
From: "Ganess, Sean" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 10:21:51 -0400
Subject: re: Clifford alarms...

Pat is right. I have the Intellipage installed in my car and the feature that caught my eye was the paging features. No matter where the car is, I can page it with a command to start, stop, lock, unlock (nice if you lock your keys in), activate an accessory (nice for convertibles with motorized tops), etc. A nice convenience but I like it for it's anti carjacking feature. If I'm carjacked (or even if it's stolen), I can page the car with a command and the alarm will stop the car, even if it's being driven. First, the alarm and the lights start flashing and when the thief slows down, the alarm shuts off the engine and it cannot be started, even if he has the keys and the alarm remote. The alarm continues to sound until it's shut off by a page. Coupled with LoJack, I believe I have a pretty good chance of recovering my car if it's ever stolen. Expect around $1300 for the Intellipage, installed.

One step below the Intellipage is the AvantGuard III. The Intellipage is really an AvantGuard III minus the Pagemate module (which just plugs into the main alarm module). You get all the features that the Intellipage has minus the paging stuff. Check out for more info on their alarms.

The only other alarm I've seen that compares is Alpine's top of the line unit. You get a two way remote which informs you of the alarm's status. Suppose to work up to two miles. It can also communicate with their other Ai-Net devices like their NAV unit (you can monitor and adjust the alarm features through the LCD display).

Oh, ADT now offers a car alarm. They provide nationwide tracking and anti-carjacking protection. One nice feature is their valet parking protection. Upon entering valet mode, the car can only be driven within a .5 mile radius (or whatever you specify) and at limited speeds. Any deviation from this, the car shuts down and an ADT operator calls your car with the supplied cell phone to inquire what's going on. Comes in handy if Rob Levinson is valet parking that day... :-)

'97 M3/4 (awaiting my pages...)

>From: Pat Donahue <>
>> Any recommendations on Clifford alarms? Circuit City sells the ACE
>> line and there is another shop in town that carries the Sabre II and
>> other Clifford alarms.

>I wouldn't recommend getting the bottom of the line when the higher end
>models offer so much more. This is to protect _your_ Bimmer and you
>might as well have all the nice attendant features like auto windows
>lights and such. Look for something with "Intelli" in the name.

>I've had one for two years and still appreciate all the features that
>came stock without the add-on modules that are available.

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