From digest.v9.n560 Fri Nov 20 07:39:51 1998
From: Chris Guy <>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 98 01:18:58 -0700
Subject: New BMW models

Just got my 11/23/98 Autoweek.

It has the first official pictures of the X5. The new SAV based on the 5 series. It will initially come with 235hp 3.5L V8, and 286 4.4L V8. The new 230hp 3.0L inline six will be offered later. Europe will get 184hp 6 cyl and 368lb-ft 4.0 V8 diesels.

All will be 5 speed automatics and estimated to run 7% more than equivilent 5 series. Avail late 1999.

Also offered will be a 3 series Touring in the US. No US time table (late 1999 for Europe), but it will get the new 3.0L six (I assume the 3.0L will go in accros the board to replace the 2.8L and will further differentiate from the 2.5L used on 'low end' models). A slightly disguised 3 Touring is pictured.

Chris Guy -
1986 535i 5sp

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