Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:56:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Jeff and Laura Kessler <>
Subject: Re: Announcing the New BMW Freelander! :)

BMW has their E53 off-roader that is due in 1999. It like a 5-series "Outback" and all the spy photos I have seen have the "Town and Country" option (wood trim on the sides).

BMW has offered AWD autos for about 10 years now. We use to get the 325ix model here in the states and they had a 525ix in Europe until they updated the body a year or so ago.

As for the Freelander coming to the USA...remember the Disco came out in 1989 but did not come here until 1994, after it was restyled inside and out once. Did you know that the 3 door Disco came out in 1989 and the 5 door in 1990 because LR could not afford to introduce them at the same time?

Also...last rumor I read had the next RR being based on the BMW E53!

Jeff Kessler
1988 Range Rover (only took 10 years to get back doors!)
Newport NH USA 603-863-7883

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