X5: The World's First Sports Activity Vehicle, Now In Two Models

          A year ago at this same venue, the BMW X5
          made its world debut in the form of the
          V8-powered X5 4.4i model; in the meantime it has
          begun to appear on U.S. roads and byways. The
          X5 is like nothing else in the world: an utterly new
          category of motor vehicle, one with the SUV
          (sport-utility) characteristics but most
          emphatically not typical SUV personality,
          handling, performance and ride. At its base price
          of $49,970 including destination charge, the X5 is
          the all-new alternative for buyers seeking
          performance, quality, luxury and BMW-style road
          capabilities in a rugged, SUV-style vehicle. Not
          incidentally, the X5 also brims with advanced
          functional technology, including fulltime all-wheel
          drive, 4-wheel All Season Traction, Dynamic
          Stability Control and a remarkable new driving
          amenity called Hill Descent Control.

          As the second X5 model, the new X5 3.0i now
          makes its world debut here in Detroit as well.
          Powered by a new evolution of BMW's smooth,
          sonorous and universally acclaimed inline
          6-cylinder engine, with 3.0-liter displacement and
          224 hp, the X5 3.0i will be available with a 5-speed
          manual transmission, thus adding another
          dimension to the its unique combination of BMW
          sportiness and SUV characteristics. Naturally, it
          will also be available with a 5-speed automatic.
          The X5 3.0i goes on sale in June 2000 at a base
          price of $39,470.
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