Subject: Non-HK amp wiring detail

Posted by AK on March 24, 1999 at 22:59:36:

In the quest for better sound I've decided to upgrade the amp on my non-HK E46. I purchased a Pioneer XM-3224 at Best Buy for only $149.50. It is a 30Wx4 RMS into 4 ohm. I've installed it under the rear deck where the original center-mounted cd changer was installed. The amp is mounted but not connected because I wanted to wait until my defective head unit was replace.

With the aid of a wave generator, VOM and audio tracer, I have figured out all the wiring connections that goes into a non-HK amp. This information is without any warranty and you may use it at your own risk.

When replacing the amp with a four-channel one without replacing the speakers, you'll need to add a custom passive crossover. In my E46, I have replaced the woofer drivers with full range one first, so I will only have to connect the new amp to the four full-range speakers. I am planing to replace them with two-way component one, most likely MB Quart's at $269 (best in its price range).

OK, here is the wiring connection:

Note: You can read the connector number by removing its sleeve, it is actually two connectors hold by it. wire color format: wire color / stripe color

Power Connection

pin # Wire color Description
10 white switched +12V (hot when radio on) 5 red/green +12V (always on, main power) 26 brown ground (for amp pwr unit)

Input Connection (or head unit output)

pin # Wire color Description
37 yellow/red (+) front left
30 brown/orange front left ground
36 yellow/black (+) rear left
29 brown/orange rear left ground
9 blue/red (+) front right
17 brown/orange front right ground
8 blue/black (+) rear right
16 brown/orange rear right ground

Woofer connection

pin # Wire color Description
23 blue/red (+) front right
22 blue/brown (-) front right
25 blue (+) rear right
24 brown (-) rear right
2 yellow (+) rear left
1 brown (-) rear left
4 blue/white (+) front left
3 blue/brown (-) front left

Tweeter Connection

pin # Wire color Description
33 yellow/red (+) front left
34 yellow/brown (-) front left
31 yellow/black (+) rear left
32 yellow/brown (-) rear left
13 yellow (?) rear right
21 blue/yellow (?) rear right
11 blue/black (+) front right
12 blue/brown (-) front right

Midrange Connection

pin # Wire Color Description
41 blue/green (?) front right
42 green (?) front right
39 blue/white (?) front left
40 white (?) front left

(?) = not sure about polarity, need to open door panel, brown color is always (-) or ground.

Knowing the polarity is only important if you plan on using existing tweeter and midrange units.

Can anyone provide the color polarity of the above?

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