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I'm sorry for getting off topic. I spoke with a salesman from Fort Worth Autobahn BMW this weekend. He had just returned from some Regional sales meeting in St. Louis. The E46 M3 was on display but it was roped off and off limits. He said it looked very aggressive with flared fenders. He said from the front it looked like a "wedge."

There was a representative from BMW M who discussed some of the specs. The engine will be a 3.4 liter 6 cylinder with 320 hp. The U.S. will get the same engine as the rest of the world.

The E46 M3 will be a 2 door with standard transmission only. There are no plans to make a 4 door or convertible model and no plans to use an automatic transmission. There was no mention of the SMG transmission but I hope it makes it to the U.S.

It will be a 2001 model. BMW M is firmly committed to delivering the first cars in December 2000. No price was mentioned.

The M Roadster will be adversely affected. There are no more of the current Euro motors being produced. When they are used up, M Roadster/M Coupe production will stop. This is expected sometime in June 2000. There are no foreseeable plans to ever put the new E46 M3 engine in the Z3 or Z Coupe. BMW M is going to devote all the new engines to the M3.

Lowell Seaton
'95 M3
Dallas, Texas
BMW CCA #131505
Lone Star Chapter

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